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Who Am I?

From a young age I have been very passionate about creating and experimenting. They say curiosity killed the cat, but it has helped me through my artistic and life journey so far. 

I spent my childhood in Hong Kong, and studied in the UK since 2010. After achieving my master’s in Biomedical Research, I found myself stuck. But having a background in art motivated me to further explore and develop this side of me. I have dabbled with a variety of traditional mediums; my favourites are watercolour, inks, and oils. In recent years, I’ve also taught myself to create digitally and is now mainly painting digitally.


My inspiration comes from an amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures. Greatly influenced by the Chinese/Japanese animations I grew up watching, the many art books I flipped through, and the marvelous museums I strolled through. Having these creative sources allowed me to delve into different worlds, like looking through a different telescopes at numerous worlds. I had admiration for greats such as Sargent and Manet to contemporary artists such as Mark Ryden and Little Thunder. I’ve also had the privilege to travel to different countries, absorbing rich cultures and scenery to serve as muses for my works.


Although I sketch even during my downtime, I sometimes enjoy knitting/crocheting and I’ve created quite a few jumpers and vests. I also enjoy staying on my toes, and currently I'm learning how to code!

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